Terms & Conditions

Acceptance Of Quote
Acceptance of quote will constitute acceptance of Nick Grentell Web Designs terms and conditions.
Payment Terms
50% of quoted works is payable upon acceptance of the quote. The client is responsible to setup domain and hosting accounts themselves, they are liable for payment before the site is commenced. Implementation and design work will be invoiced upon completion of works and payment is due within 14 days from date of invoice. All accounts are to be settled in full by the due date. Any accounts not paid after this time may incur late fees. Sites remain property of Nick Grentell Web Designs until final payment and will be made live and released to client upon receipt of full payment.
Commencement Of Projects
Projects will be commenced upon receipt of deposit from client, along with content and images required to create the site.
In the event that the client terminates the agreement the client shall be liable for all costs and expenses incurred by Nick Grentell Web Designs up to the date of receipt of notice of termination by the client, including costs which Nick Grentell Web Designs is liable to pay after the date of receipt of the notice.
Intellectual Property

Any material whatsoever which may be subject to any form of trademark or copyright that is displayed as part of the website is to be supplied by the client or related parties who warrant to have obtained all proper consent necessary for use of such material. Where Nick Grentell Web Designs produces any design, pattern, or specification during creation of web or design materials, intellectual property in them remains with Nick Grentell Web Designs, and may only be reproduced or copied with the written consent of Nick Grentell Web Designs.